8 Chakra Healing Techniques – Balancing exercises to Clean and Heal the Chakras

Your chakra system needs to be aligned and balanced to support your physical and mental wellbeing. So in this article we will present 8 Chakra Healing Techniques – Balancing exercises to Clean and Heal the Chakras. Several practices can lead to chakra healing and a great balance between body, spirit, earth, and universe. Up next, you will discover the most useful chakra healing techniques that will better your energy flow and promote spiritual equilibrium.

When it is time to opt for chakra healing techniques?

Root Chakra

Overactive Root Chakra leads to feelings of fear, nervousness, insecurities, and utter resistance to change;
Under-active Root Chakra leads to feelings of co-dependency, inability to feel good in your own body, and a profound fear of abandonment.

Sacral Chakra

Overactive Sacral Chakra leads to attraction to drama, moodiness, or lack of personal boundaries;
Under-active Sacral Chakra leads to stiffness, inability to express emotions, lack of self-esteem, or self-worth.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra leads to feelings of aggressively, and tendency to criticise oneself or others;
Under-active Solar Plexus Chakra leads to indecisive thoughts, timidity, and lack of self-control.

Heart Chakra

Overactive Heart Chakra leads to a sense of clinginess, letting everyone in, and complete lack of boundaries;
Under-active Heart Chakra leads to cold, distant, and lonely approaches, along with an unwillingness to open up to others.

Throat Chakra

Overactive Throat Chakra leads to an extremely talkative behaviour, inability to listen, and an extremely critical approach;
Under-active Throat Chakra leads to introverted feelings, shyness, and trouble speaking the truth.

Third Eye Chakra

Overactive Third Eye Chakra promotes a deep sense of out of touch with reality, and a lack of good judgment;
Under-active Third Eye Chakra leads to reliant behaviour, and a tendency to cling to the past.

Crown Chakra

Overactive Crown Chakra leads to an addiction to spirituality, and difficulties in managing emotions;
Under-active Crown Chakra promotes a deep sense of lack of direction, along with the inability to keep pace with goals.

What are the most important chakra healing techniques?

#1 Using affirmations for clearing your chakras

A simple statement can open the path to chakra healing. You can use affirmations for each chakra, or the entire chakra system. The secret is to use your creativity and focus on the benefits that derive from proper energy flow through your system. Tell yourself you are happy, you are loved, you are knowledgeable, or that you are humble.

#2 Massage to promote chakra balancing

Massaging the zone where chakras are located can aid in boosting healthy energy flow. Focus on the following:

  1. Root – massage the feet and legs
  2. Sacral – massage to release the tension in the hips
  3. Solar Plexus – massage your belly with a focus on your belly button
  4. Heart – massage the upper back, arms, and shoulders
  5. Throat – massage to release the tension around your neck
  6. Third Eye – massage your temples, nasal sinuses, and jaw area
  7. Crown – massage your scalp

#3 Do Yoga

Yoga is excellent for regaining balance in your chakra system. Poses promote energy flow, while basic yoga movements can unblock chakras and cleanse them from negative energy.

#4 Use essential oils

Each chakra reacts to a specific essential oil, which is why it is great to use those oils for aromatherapy and massages.

  1. Root – use frankincense or patchouli oil
  2. Sacral – use orange, neroli or rosemary oil
  3. Solar Plexus – use peppermint, marjoram or lemon oil
  4. Heart – use rosewood or rose oil
  5. Throat – use sage or lemongrass oil
  6. Third Eye – use lavender or spruce oil
  7. Crown – use geranium or sandalwood oil

#5 Use chakra crystals and wear them daily

Each chakra has its own colour, and in turn, it has a specific chakra stone that heals it and prevents imbalances. All you have to do is wear a particular stone of chakra as close as it is possible to the chakra you aim to heal.

#6 Chakra Meditation

Promote and balance chakra energy as described in our exclusive Chakra Meditation guide.

#7 Colour Vibration

When exposed to different types of colours that all have a different vibration, our physical state, emotions and moods can be changed. We are able to rebalance the Chakras by exposing our body to different colours in our homes, our food and the clothes that we wear. Other ways to absorb colours is to wear colour glasses that absorb the vibrations needed in our bodies.

Every Chakra has a different colour associated – you can learn more in our article All About Chakras – energy Centres of Your Body

#8 Professional Energy Healers

Professional energy healers offer services that examine a person’s energy levels in their Chakra system as well as locate the causes of blockages. After a thorough examination they are able to offer suitable healing treatments in regards to Chakra healing.


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