All About Chakras: 1st Chakra – Root Muladhara

Know Your Root Chakra

By this article we opens new series of articles – All About Chakras, and this post is about 1st Chakra – Root Chakra Muladhara.

Muladhara or the Root Chakra, also known as Base chakra, is the first chakra. It is earth energy, usually linked with the feeling of grounding and safety. It is found at the base of the spine, and it is perceived as the foundation for expansion in life. The Root Chakra is a feminine energy, influencing our survival instincts and sense of confidence directly.

What is the color of the Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra is connected with the physical body and Earth. Its natural color is deep red, and it is a statement for the connection it has with the Earth and nature. Still, traditionally, this chakra is also represented with gold or yellow. Red represents strength and vitality, and it is perceived as a color that boosts someone’s instinctual tendencies.
Anyway, energy healers suggest that the Root Chakra might sometimes gain a color of grey, black, or brown, depending on the individual wellbeing. This chakra is deemed to be one of the densest in the chakra system.

The Root Chakra Symbol

The Root Chakra is usually represented in the form of a lotus flower with four petals. Also, it can be depicted as a circle with four petals and a downward pointing triangle. The triangle is meant to represent the spirit connecting with the earth, a clear representation of how an individual grounds to Earth. It is the center of your life force, which is why it is also the house of kundalini. Here kundalini stays dormant until its energies are activated and distributed to distinct areas of the body.

Root Chakra imbalances

Many issues can lead to a Root Chakra imbalance. Some examples might be trauma at birth, physical neglect, or abandonment. Still, in some situations, a Root Chakra imbalance can be inherited via an injury or abuse.

Overactive Root Chakra

When your Root Chakra is overactive, you experience an overall negative state of mind. It can impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, which is why you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms. If your Root Chakra is imbalanced, you are prone to become impatient and annoyed. If your Root Chakra is too open, you tend to develop unhealthy attachment issues.
The most frequent symptoms that signal you there is a problem with your Root Chakra include:

  • Obsession with material things
  • Anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Bladder issues
  • Short temper
  • Anger
  • Impatience

How to deal with a Root Chakra imbalance

There are a couple of approaches that can aid you in healing your Root Chakra. Meditation, healthy diets or physical activities can be helpful. Besides, you can try one of the following approaches to regaining your connection with the Earth.

#1 Reconnect with nature

When your Root Chakra is restless, the first approach towards healing is connecting with the earth. Make sure you spend as much time as possible, surrounded by nature. Also, meditate and try a mindful approach towards the entire situation.

#2 Disconnect from materialistic desires

Meditative yoga can help you rebalance your Root Chakra. It can teach you how to let go of superficiality, and how to reconnect with your true inner self.

#3 Let go of fear

If you aim to heal your Root Chakra, you should learn how to trust and love yourself. Focusing on feelings of self-confidence will give you the necessary confidence to rebalance your being. This chakra is the foundation of the other chakras in the system, which is why you should make it as strong as possible for your entire wellbeing.

#4 Spiritual Jewelery

Root Base Muladhara Chakra Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

Root Base Muladhara Chakra Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

Healing stones and crystals are a great aid in balancing chakras and cleansing the energy. Still, you should be careful when it comes to choosing a chakra healing crystal, as each chakra has its own gem from which it receives the well-deserved healing. Root chakra is responsible for making you feel empowered, and it resonates deeply with an intense colored red stone. GoodChakra has a lot red jasper, ruby, or garnet spiritual jewellery availiable, to help you unblock and balance your root chakra energy.






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