All About Chakras: 7th Chakra – Sahaswara, or the Crown Chakra

Know Your Crown Chakra

Sahaswara, or the Crown Chakra, is positioned at the top of the chakra system, just above the top of the head, being the seventh chakra that links you to the universe and the divine source of creation. This chakra is responsible for feelings of unity and unselfishness, while its energy can make one experience a profound sense of oneness.

What is the color of the Crown Chakra?

The color for the Crown Chakra is violet, and it stands for the connection with the energies of heaven. Overall, this is a dominant, spiritual color that comes with the shortest wavelength and sturdiest vibration. Violet is all about a deep sense of wholeness, rebirth, and illumination.

The Crown Chakra Symbol

And, of course, the symbol for the Crown Chakra is a violet lotus flower with a thousand petals. The petals stand for the transcendental meaning of the Crown Chakra and depict beauty, renewal, and purity.

Crown Chakra imbalances

The Crown Chakra is all about consciousness and intuitive knowledge. It connects to your awareness and connection to your spirituality. This is why an imbalance with this chakra can be caused by emotional distress and lead to symptoms such as stress, anxiety, or fear. Still, if this energy point in our chakra system gets blocked, it can disrupt the energy flow throughout the body.

Overactive Crown Chakra

An overactive Crown Chakra is easy to identify, as you will be prone to act proud and express extreme confidence in your personal beliefs. Besides, an overactive Crown Chakra will make you secretive, obsessive, extraordinarily critical, and selfish. When this chakra is unwell, it leads to extreme vulnerability, light sensitivity, dissociation, and lack of inspiration.

How to deal with a Crown Chakra imbalances

An unhealthy Crown Chakra will make you feel out of place. Still, identifying its distress and coping with it can help you restore harmony in your chakra system. The goal is to cleanse, balance, and heal each energy center, up until you reach the Crown Chakra. You can clean and balance this chakra with one or all of the following steps:

#1 Meditate

Meditation has a direct impact on this chakra, and it promotes a deep sense of grounding and calmness. It is a great idea to visualize a golden light illuminating your Crown Chakra. Encouraging such positive thoughts will prompt your Crown Chakra to recharge an reconnect with your authentic self.

#2 Banish egotistical feelings

Another great approach to healing your Crown Chakra is to quit embracing selfish feelings. Practice confidence and acceptance of your true self. Learning to let go of your ego or resentments will aid the Crown Chakra in regaining its balance.

#3 Use Aromatherapy

The Crown Chakra is positively influenced by precious essential oils, like lavender, rose, or jasmine. Of course, overpowering scents like frankincense or sandalwood can stimulate a blocked Crown Chakra, too.

#4 Try Reiki

Reiki is an excellent tool in regaining the health of Crown Chakra’s energy. It addresses specific trigger points in the body and cleanses those energy centers to increase your level of awareness and heal your chakra system.


#5 Spiritual Jewelery

Crown Sahastrara Chakra Moonstone Bracelet featuring Lotus Charm Pendant

Crown Sahastrara Chakra Moonstone Bracelet featuring Lotus Charm Pendant

Healing stones and crystals are a great aid in balancing chakras and cleansing the energy. Still, you should be careful when it comes to choosing a chakra healing crystal, as each chakra has its own gem from which it receives the well-deserved healing. Crown chakra is responsible for our spirituality, awareness, selflessness, inspiration, devotion, optimism, enthusiasm, and fulfillment. It resonates deeply with an intense colored violet stones, such as Moonstone, Selenite, Rock Crystal, Clear Quartz, and Natural Howlite. GoodChakra has a lot Crown Chakra harmonizing spiritual jewellery available, to help you unblock and balance your chakra energy.





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